Anatomy Lesson II
Video Photos

 Nurse Anika is waiting for Her handyman
to give him his second Anatomy Lesson !!

 After his arrival Anika discusses Her
plans to give him a further lesson
in Anatomy ..

starting off with a through Examination
starting with sounds ..

then his blood pressure ..

followed by a Prostrate Examination ..

After his through Examination Nurse Anika informs
him that She will give him two Enemas .. the first he
can pick from a series of pictures ..

Of course he picks the one with the Nurse sitting on the
patient's face giving him a Bulb Enema ..

First She makes him carefully take Her underwear off ..

Then She prepares the Bulb Enema and his Face ..


After his experience with the Bulb Enema
She explain his next Enema after inserting the Nozzle ..

The second Enema will be one using
Her Golden Medicine ..

While Her Golden Medicine flowed in She
decided to use his face as a stool ..

While he was holding Her Golden Medicine Nurse Anika
decides to use him to worship Her Gorgeous
Legs and Rear ..

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